Dead Good Death Cafés

An open and welcoming place to come and discuss all things Death

Still, for some, a taboo subject but it does come to us all as some point. The 'Dead Good Death Cafés' are held in your locale with a view to being open in a great friendly environment, where there's lots of cake and maybe even some of Kim Reece-Sheerin's world famous Chocolate Brownies, made with the finest ingredients.

We discuss everything from recent diagnosis, to future planning even if one is in fine health. Letting others 'know you wishes' - takes an huge burden of responsibility off a loved one's shoulders.

This way, your wishes are respected and in the Dead Good Death Cafés, one can share experiences or what you believe worked well at a recent Ceremony and or what you'd prefer. All in a completely, non-judgmental environment.
if you are part of a group, then please get in touch, if you'd like to host a session. Our Chief Celebrant will do everything else.
Did we mention there will be cake!