Lives remembered 

Celebration of life


Secular and Non Secular ceremonies.

Whatever your or your loved one's wishes, Cadenza will create a bespoke service/ceremony to your requirements.
Humanist ceremonies, Lives remembered, Celebration of a life lived.

A celebrant will make and take time with you on a one to one basis,  to understand what you or your loved one wish for in a  ceremony.

Cremation and Post Cremation Services available.

Ashes to Ashes or Ashes to New Life

Environmentally friendly ashes

Creating new life

You may already know both Human and Animal ashes are toxic to our environment. Cadenza offers something unique to the Bailiwick

Working closely with an UK company, Ashes of a Loved one and or a Beloved Pet companion, can now be turned into something non toxic to our environment. In fact, the ashes following a simple and inexpensive treatment, can be returned to the soil and create life anew, in your garden or a park. Cadenza is currently trying to establish a Memorial Park in the Bailiwick and is in negations with a number of agencies to this end. More details to follow later this year. If this is something, that is of interest to you personally, or as a corporate entity, do please get in touch.